Monday 18 June 2012

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support while I'm on sabbatical. It's been surprisingly difficult to adjust to a different rhythm and to start each day without deadlines to drive me on.

Last week I was at Harnhill (a Christian Healing Centre near Cirencester) on a course called Learning Healing Prayer. It was a very useful and productive week even though I did more crying than I have done for years. I decided that it was time to do something with the anger that keeps burning up inside me (I know you don't believe me but it does) and I couldn't get there without probing at some touchy stuff… So I've ended up a bit like a wet rag but happy that God knew about all the painful things and is working through it with me. Let's see if I'm any different when I start back at work in September.

The quadrant model they use to help them listen out for where people are hurting and where God wants to heal is very useful. So the week has all been very productive and worthwhile. I'd like to see if I can get some of St Matthew's Prayer Ministry Team to go along next time Harnhill do the Learning Healing Prayer week. Their website is on – let me know if you're interested when I get back.

Be in touch again soon, Love Colin.

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