Tuesday 23 January 2018

Drastic Plastic

In Blue Planet II, David Attenborough recently showed us the horrific amount of plastic waste that is destroying our oceans...

Here's one very simple thing we can do to reduce the amount of plastic we produce: ban the sale of  those ridiculously elongated plastic containers. You know the ones - most of our gels, shampoos, household sprays and cleaning fluids come in them. Simple, chunky shapes have a much better surface area to volume ratio and therefore use a lot less plastic for the same quantity of fluid. And they don't fall over all the time!

It's all about marketing. Those distorted shapes look bigger on the shelves and try to kid us that we are getting more product for our money than we really are. One thing we can do as shoppers is refuse to buy the more obvious monstrosities. That alone would make a drastic difference to the amount of rubbish going into landfill and choking up our oceans.