Wednesday 7 December 2016

I am so incensed by the Home Office's refusal to let three Christian clergy from Iraq visit this country that I have written to the Home Secretary to complain. They had been invited to attend the opening of an Orthodox cathedral in London. Prince Charles was expecting them! Here's what I put in my letter:

Dear Home Secretary

Iraqi Archbishops refused visas to visit the UK

I am deeply offended that the Home Office recently refused visas to three archbishops from Iraq who had been invited to visit the UK. At a time when Christianity is being systematically eliminated from the Middle East this action can only be taken as a rejection of those who desperately need our support. As a fellow Christian I feel ashamed of the negative treatment the UK has meted out to my persecuted brothers.

Please can the Home Office review its decision, issue an apology to the archbishops and invite them to come and tell their story in this country. Or is it the Government's aim to suppress the news of what is being done to Christians in the Middle East?

Yours faithfully etc

Do you agree with me? The why don't you tell the Government what you think?