Wednesday 27 June 2012

Sabbatical update (3)

The study part of my sabbatical has been going well. It's been great to mine a bit deeper into the Gospels, taking time to think about why Jesus said the things he said and did what he did, and  exploring his character more closely. I've handed in an essay called Who is David's Son to Dave Allen (no, not that one - my supervisor at Queen's College) and we've had a really interesting discussion about it with lots of ideas where to develop things further.

Elisa and I are now getting ready to fly to Israel on Tuesday 3 July. For some reason this requires shopping and I am blogging while waiting for Elisa to drag me off to Birmingham to buy some travel essentials. People tell us it's very hot and humid in Israel at this time of year so we need lightweight clothes that are still modest enough to please both Islamic and Orthodox Jewish sensibilities. We're greatly looking forward to every part of the trip, but most of all to being in Galilee and walking in the footsteps of Jesus.

Several people have sent us money, some anonymously, to help us with the costs of getting to and staying in Israel. We're really grateful to you for your kindness! In fact we wouldn't be able to do it without you, so God bless you for your generosity.

The downside of being on sabbatical is having to stay away from St Matthew's. We miss you and all your love, fellowship and support. Still two months before we're back, so behave yourselves, keep St Matthew's moving forward in love, look after Liz and don't forget to pray for us.

God bless you!


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