Friday 10 January 2014

Books and Blogs

I've just decided to start an extra blog  to go with this one, with book reviews in it.

Some years ago I asked my last Diocese to send me a curate (trainee clergy who come to work with the vicar are called curates). The new person in charge of the curates replied by asking when I last read a book - and my mind went completely blank, as it does on these sort of occasions. The only one I could think of was the Bible, as I'm sure you will be glad to hear. I was asked, quite rightly, how could I expect to take part in the education of a colleague if I am not engaged in learning myself?

Anyway, somehow I blagged my way through - just as well because Liz has been a fabulous colleague! But from then on I've tried to keep up with my reading, making sure I get into a worthwhile book from time to time. They might be Christian books, academic books, history or fiction. I've also written up my thoughts briefly on each one. And now I've decided to publish my ramblings in a blog.

I realise a blog full of book reviews won't be everyone's cup of tea. A bit academic perhaps... Some people will love that sort of thing and others will not. So it seemed best to keep it separate from this blog - but linked, if I can master the technology. So I've set up a new blog which you should be able to find on this link:

My first book review is of Francis Spufford's Unapologetic - why despite everything Christianity can still make surprising emotional sense. I think it's a fabulous book, if a bit in your face at times. It's because I feel more people should be aware of this book that I decided to start the Book Reviews blog.

So have a look at my first effort and I hope you enjoy it!

Colin x x    

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