Monday 19 August 2013

I've been a bit mis the last few days. I've trapped a nerve in my back which is giving me nasty pains down my leg. I can't really stand up or sit down for long without pain so it's lying in bed for me. It's been going on since Tuesday and it's not much fun. In fact it's literally a pain in the backside.

I've missed Ben and Izzie's wedding which I was due to conduct on Saturday up in Walsall and I'm gutted about that. And I've missed worshipping with my brothers and sisters in Horton and Wraysbury on Sunday so that's really disappointing too. I was supposed to be playing guitar for the New Life Service band which was great fun last time... And of course as the new vicar I want to put myself about, get to know people and make a good impression - which isn't always the best motivation, I know.

Well I thought I'd better ask the Lord what he's saying through all this, as a person paid to pray. I wasn't quite sure so I asked the osteopath what he thought. He said these things usually come about through overdoing it, and my body's message at least is, "Give it a rest mate" - which is something Jesus approved of too. It has been a bit mad for months now, what with trying to sort everything out before leaving St Matt's, moving house, flying to Bolivia, and setting up in a new post in Wraysbury...

So I'll just have to accept this as a "Come unto me and rest" time and do the best I can to enjoy lying about in bed, doing the old Dame aux Camellias routine. At least it doesn't hurt so much now, and I hope to be up and about in a few days. I'm off to see the osteopath tomorrow and hope to get a better idea of how it might all pan out then.

So greetings to:
- Ben and Izzie, sorry I missed it all, God bless your exciting new journey together!
- Praying types, remember me - especially at 3.15 tomorrow when I'm back with the osteopath: and give thanks for slow but steady improvements.
- Worshippers, I hope you had a really uplifting and inspiring time on Sunday and I look forward to rejoining you soon.

Love Colin x x

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