Wednesday 13 February 2013

Jesus as coach

I hope those of you who were in church on Sunday enjoyed our theme Jesus as Coach. Is Jesus the best coach ever? Here's some reasons for saying yes:
  • He has the biggest team ever - somewhere around 2.2 billion and still growing!
  • He has had the longest run of success ever, now standing at 2,000 years. Compare that with Chelsea where coaches last about 3 months...
  • He is the most personal life coach because through his Spirit he actually comes to shape our lives from within.
  • He is the best team coach because his indwelling Spirit lives in and unites every one of his team members.
  • He is the most encouraging coach because he blesses our lives with peace, joy and love.
  • He is the most challenging coach because he models his values perfectly and demands that we take up our cross.
  • He is the most committed to bringing out the best in his team because he is the only coach who has laid down his life for them.
The daunting thing is that to have a coach demands a relationship of total trust. You put your success, your future, your style, your time and energy, your attitudes and even your personality in the coach's hands and trust them to re-shape them all. Good coaches don't let you get away with not bothering to turn up for training, doing things half-heartedly, accepting second best. Jesus doesn't either. But the first step is to entrust yourself totally to him...

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