Wednesday 23 May 2012

As most of you know, I'm off on sabbatical from 1 June. Among other things I will be writing up some thoughts on the Gospels at Queen's College Birmingham, going on a healing retreat in the Cotswolds, spending three weeks in Israel and taking time to seek fresh vision and direction from the Lord.

 I hope to update you on my progress via this blog. I can't promise to do it every day, but please log on and check up on me from time to time.

 I'm afraid I will not be available for church business at all until 1 September. All my e-mails and letters are being redirected. Please contact the office, the wardens or Liz as appropriate. Please be considerate with Liz, it's a lot of responsibility to handle on your own so do think twice before adding to her burdens. I don't want to came back and find her worn out, fed up or having a nervous breakdown!

 St Matthew's seems in a good place at the moment with lots of lovely things happening and an encouraging atmosphere. God is at work! I know I am leaving you all in good hands. God bless you and have a great summer! Don't forget to pray for me.

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